Welcome to the treehouse

Join Laura, Seth and the Rainbow Monsters as we sprinkle kindness,colour and bravery everywhere.

The Treehouse is a place of celebration...

A place where being your own true self is a strength; a gift that when used alongside others, helps to create wonderful things.

The Treehouse is also a place where kindness and bravery is encouraged. 

After all, nothing grows inside your comfort zone and nothing good comes from being bad. 

Welcome to the place where Seth and the Rainbow Monsters invite you in and encourage you to #BeMoreSeth and #BeBrave as you go about your day to day lives, as exactly who you are.

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In Don’t Be Silly! Seth helps each of the Rainbow Monsters to overcome misconceptions about each other based on how they look. When they do so, they create something special together and find new friendships. In Don’t Be Scared! Seth helps each Rainbow Monster to overcome a challenge that is bogging them down and filling them with fear. 

Self acceptance and transitions are things we all have to navigate. Find out why these books were written for your children –  and Laura’s  – in the video. 

Everyone's raving about Seth and his colourful pals...

"Rainbows and kindness rolled in to one beautifully written story. This is one of the most lovely books I've read to my children in ages. It sends out such a positive message about kindness and that our differences are what make us special and that we shouldn't be afraid that we're not all the same but instead celebrate these qualities. A firm favourite in our house!"
Amazon Reviewer
“Spreading kindness through monsters and rainbows. This is an absolute cracker of a book! Not only are the illustrations beautiful, the words and the story will melt your heart. As a teacher I have used this book in class and it is a perfect way to introduce kindness to children. The characters are relatable yet loveable. What Laura has created is a real treasure pot that needs to be used in every classroom. We often stop during class time to share #bemoreseth moments, children get to share kindness stories and it is wonderful to hear them speaking nicely to one another... It's a firm favourite in this house"

Waterstones Reviewer

Laura Maclennan

Author of Don’t Be Silly! featuring Seth and the Rainbow  Monsters and the sequal, Don’t Be Scared!

Laura is an experienced teacher, leadership coach, sprinkler of all things positive and magical, and a self-confessed lover of the 80s’ power ballad. When not playing with her children or working, Laura can be found sneaking a bar of chocolate on the stairs or reading in her book nook with a nice cup of tea. Laura grew up experiencing unkindness herself and then went on to teach across the curriculum, particularly drama, and within the Special Educational Needs sector. So she knows only too well how small differences can become large beacons for creating division and sadness. With this in mind, and having had her own children, Laura wanted to create something to teach children from a young age that kindess is stronger than unkindness and has more longevity; that our differences make us better. She also wanted to create a simple reminder of this for children to call upon when needed. With major ‘mam guilt’ because she has already written a book for her daughter, Eliza, Don’t Be Silly! Featuring Seth & the Rainbow Monsters was created for her son, Seth. Written just before rainbows became forever linked to the incredible NHS, the Rainbow Monsters were born, because real Seth is Laura’s ‘rainbow baby’ – the term used for a baby born after a miscarriage or other devastating baby loss. With imaginary Seth and his colourful monster friends, Laura wanted to honour the colour Seth has brought to her world, as well as to bring brightness and kindness to bedtime stories and classrooms everywhere. Laura hopes that the message of Don’t Be Silly! will resonate with all who read it and create a ripple of kindness and acceptance, so that both her children and yours can be exactly who they are born to be, by remembering it’s ok to #BeMoreSeth. In Don’t Be Scared! We meet Seth and the Rainbow Monsters again, as each one navigates a life transition. Again, Laura has found herself having to be brave and watch her children and the children she has taught find their own fearlessness. In her sequal, Laura wanted the issues to be conversation starters so that children can feel empowered and grow through their fears.

The Treehouse Crew are Laura’s social media community of children and their grown ups, who follow the adventures of Seth and his friends, do writing and craft challenges and cheer each other on to live fully, happy, authentic and magical lives. 


‘We’ve all worked today, we’ve all played out part. We’re better together than when we’re apart”